The Bolt EV

A lot of recent Electric Vehicle (EV) announcements have featured luxury show cars, off-roading tucks, and self-driving marvels. While these are amazing vehicles packed full of design and technology not everyone will need all the bells and whistles, but still will want to have a green, ecofriendly vehicle. Whether you don’t want to wait a year or more for and EV or you aren’t looking for a luxury EV look no further than the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

The First Bolt

The Chevy Bolt was first introduced near the end of 2016, initially sold in California before being sold in the rest of the United States, and then into Canada. In its first year, over 2,000 Bolts were sold in Canada. With carbon emissions from personal vehicles being one of the largest contributing factors to climate change, many governments around the world offer credits towards purchasing a zero-emissions vehicle. Currently in Ontario, the federal government offers up to $5,000 towards the purchase (detail for the federal program can be found here)

Going the Distance

With the Bolt EV there is no need to worry about getting stuck on the side of the road, the Bolt boasts a range of 417 KM. To put that into perspective for distance, from Chatham you could go all the way to Toronto and not have to worry about stopping. This vehicle is perfect for the everyday commute as well as those weekend trips.

For charging the Bolt can be charged with at a DC fast charger providing 145 KM in 30 minutes. The recommended at home charge is 240-volt/32-am charging unit which provides 40 KM of rang for every hour of charging, making it the perfect solution for overnight charging. The third option is the regular wall plug option, which requires no professional and Bolt owners can plug their vehicle in to a regular wall plug that comes with their Chevy Bolt.

For more information on charging, here is a video from Chevrolet discussing the different option that are available.

Whether you are looking to electrify your life or you are just curious to take a look at an EV you can check our inventory here or book an appointment with someone from our sales to check our the Chevy Bolt.

This coming year Chevrolet is coming out with a refreshed 2022 Bolt EV as well as the Bolt EUV, for more information on these exciting new models make sure to check back here!