The All-Electric Super Truck

Hummer EV Pickup


Available Crabwalk

Drives Diagonally

Available Extract Mode

Pickup MultiPro Tailgate

Available UltraVision

Fully Charged. Fully Electric.

Ready to Change the Game Forever.

As the world's first zero emissions, all-electric supertruck, the revolutionary HUMMER EV generates the power and technology to conquer nearly any terrain with extraordinary confidence.


Crabwalk is a revolutionary available setting utilizing HUMMER EV's available 4-Wheel Steer (its rear wheels can turn up to 10 degrees in either direction) to drive diagonally at low speeds, helping it to traverse tight trails with a capability that no other pickup in its segment can match.

Extract Mode

Need to get over or out of a tough spot? Need extra height? Initiate the available first-of-its-kind Extract Mode, and HUMMER EV activates it Adaptive Air Ride Suspension to raise approximately 6" to surmount tough obstacles - think traversing boulders or fording water.

UltraVision with Available Underbody Cameras

Available UltraVision - with up to 18 camera views on pickup including standard HD Surround Vision - includes waterproof underbody forward and rear facing cameras to provide real-time views of the terrain to help you pick your best line along the trail. A washer function and replaceable lens protectors help you see clearly. Using multiple cameras to display a digital overhead image of the area around HUMMER EV, HD Surround Vision allows you to manoeuvre off-road and navigate tight spaces when travelling at low speeds.

Extreme Off-Road Capabilities

Off-road dominance is engineered into every aspect of HUMMER EV. Standard independent front and rear suspension enable remarkable off-pavement handling and highway comfort, while front e-lockers and virtual rear lockers optimize traction. Also, available heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts help maximize articulation and reduce unwanted steering feedback during hard cornering and off-roading. As a supertruck built for off-road dominance, both the pickup and SUV are engineered with approach, departure and breakover angles that will make competitors envious.

State-of-the-Art Lighting

The personality of HUMMER EV comes alive with expressive lighting and animation as you walk to or away from your vehicle, and while the HUMMER EV is charging.

High-Def Screens

The 12.3" diagonal colour Driver Information Centre display and the centre-mounted 13.4" diagonal colour touch-screen position put customizable data, settings and controls within the driver's convenient reach and optimal line of sight.

Immersive Infinity Roof with Modular Sky Panels

The industry-leading Infinity Roof and available Transparent Sky Panels create an immersive open-air experience. Let the world in by removing the four roof panels and the front I-Bar and lowering the power Rear Drop Glass.

Not Fast. Superfast.

Available Watts to Freedom

0-97 kmh in Approx. 3.5 seconds

Up to 830 HP

When properly equipped; available on SUV Edition 1 and EV3X

Up to 11,500 LB-FT Torque

Available on SUV Edition 1 and EV3X

Lowers Vehicle 2" for enhanced Centre of Gravity

And produces interior multisensory experience

First GMC to offer Available Super Cruise

Offering the latest version of Super Cruise, the HUMMER EV with driver-assistance technology for hands-free driving and automatic lane change on divided and compatible highways. All HUMMER EV vehicles will include a 3 year subscription.

A Leader in Charging Efficiency

with Ultium Battery

Up to 350 KW

800V DC Fast Charging

Available on Pickup

Available charging up to nearly

160 KM of Range in 10 Minutes on Pickup

GM estimate driving range of

560+ Kilometers

Available on Pickup