An All Electric Future?

With sustainability and environmentally friendly options becoming more prevalent in consumer products, the automotive industry is no different. Many brands are coming out with electric models and there are even many new entrants moving the industry towards an electric future. With this shift there will be heightened competition, fantastic innovation, and some confusion. The team here at Heuvelmans is excited for this launch of new vehicle line ups and we want to be here for our customers and help inform our community about the benefits to Electric Vehicles (EVs) and answer any questions about what an EV future will look like.

General Motors (GM) is taking a strong lead in their electrification efforts. With Cadillac as their flagship electric brand, GM has announced that by 2030 Cadillac will be an all electric line up and by 2025 GM is planning to have launched 30 different electric models. The first of these EVs include the all electric re-introduction of the Hummer under the GMC brand, and the Cadillac Lyriq. These vehicles will be built on GM’s new Ultium battery platform which will provide an even weight distribution and a low centre of gravity which will give the EVs a very responsive sporty feel.

To accommodate the increasing number of electric vehicles in the GM lineup our dealership will be making the necessary changes to be your one-stop-shop for all your EV needs, whether that be learning, charging, or repairing. Starting in early 2021 we will be performing an evaluation of our charging capacity and making the necessary changes to implement more charging stations. We will also be making the necessary investments into training and getting the tools we need to repair EVs onsite for the ease and convenience of our customers.

This is an exciting time for automotive industry, we are looking forward to this bright future. If you would like to learn more about our plan, GM’s plan, or any upcoming models we encourage that you check back regularly as we will be posting updates frequently.